Which swim spa is the best?

With so many different styles and options available for a swim spa, it can be hard to know what to look for and which swim spa is the best. There are a few really important features that you should always consider when buying a swim spa in order to find the best one to suit your needs. In the article below, we will discuss what factors to consider before buying a swim spa and some recommendations for which models are the best in today’s market.

Easy Maintenance

When buying a swim spa, one of the most important factors you should consider is how easy it will be to maintain. After all, you want to spend your time enjoying it, not cleaning it. The biggest difference between a low maintenance spa and high maintenance spa is the filtration system. Avoid any swim spa manufacturer that is using a hot tub filtration system. While these are fine for hot tubs, they are not designed to adequately clean the large amount of water that the average spa contains.

Higher maintenance spas require constant monitoring, need more chemicals to keep the water sanitary and need for manual cleaning.

Low maintenance swim spas, like Hydropool’s self-cleaning systems, utilise a pool filtration system that is specifically designed to quickly filter large volumes of water. It also includes a floor vacuum to trap and filter heavier debris and reduce the need for any manual cleaning. They can clean and filter all the water in the entire swim spa within 45 minutes. Plus, Hydropool’s self-cleaning swim spas use fewer chemicals and only require just 5 minutes of maintenance a week!

Energy efficiency

A huge advantage of having a swim spa over a traditional swimming pool is the ability to run it year-round. Therefore, to keep your utility costs manageable, choosing an energy-efficient model is essential. The two key factors to look for in an energy-efficient model are how efficient the heater and pumps are as well as how it is insulated.

Proper insulation is essential to keep your swim spa protected in the winter. Cheaper swim spas can run the risk of freezing in colder months and the shell can crack, leaving the plumbing exposed which can cost thousands in repair or, even worse, be completely unusable.

Swim current

When you buy a swim spa you want to make sure that everyone in your family can enjoy using it, from children to the strongest swimmers in the household. Look for a current that is as turbulence-free as possible, has a wide swimming lane (which makes it enjoyable for swimmers of all ages), can easily be controlled and adjusted by the touch of a button in addition to being strong enough for the best swimmer or athlete in the family to get a challenging workout.

So, which swim spa is the best?

While we recommend all our self-cleaning swim spas, the choice ultimately comes down to how your family will use the swim spa, how many people will be using it regularly as well as your space requirements.

Our most popular swim spas are:

Hydropool 17ft Aqua Trainer
Is the perfect all-in-one aquatic centre, being a pool, hot tub and gym merged into one unit.  It features thigh and abductor jets for lower body massage and resistance exercises, an adjustable current system and two hydrotherapy massage seats. Perfect for families that want all the benefits of a traditional pool and hot tub but with a lower price tag, more features and requiring less space.

Hydropool 19ft Executive Trainer
Our Executive trainer series delivers a perfectly comfortable swim spa environment and optimized for total body fitness. Touted as the best swim spa on the market, it features patented v-twin jet and swim current technology that easily adjusts to every ability level from toddlers to professional athletes. The spacious swim lane is designed to provide more flexibility for aquatic exercises such as jogging, walking and core resistance routines. Perhaps most impressive is the underwater treadmill technology that allows you to jog or run in a low impact environment. Plus, it features hydrotherapy massage seats to enjoy a relaxing pre or post work out targeted massage.

Now that you know what to look for when buying a swim spa and what two of the best swim spa models on the market are, download a free buyer’s guide to learn more, or check out our vouchers for discounts!

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