Can I put a Swim Spa indoors?

If you are considering investing in a swim spa,
you may be wondering if you can put it indoors.

For the most part, indoors is the ideal location, especially as the concrete floors can properly support the weight of the swim spa. There are, however, several factors which do need to be considered to ensure that you do not cause any damage to your home. Below, we will explain exactly what you need to know before installing a swim spa indoors.


All of our swim spas are built with our exclusive self-cleaning technology. This means that instead of draining your swim spa every 6-8 weeks, you only have to drain your swim spa once a year! A lot less maintenance which is important to consider when looking at installing a swim spa indoors. 

1. Filters 100% of the water every 40 minutes, making it the cleanest and therefore safest swim spa on the market!

2. You only have to drain your swim spa once a year, as opposed to every 6-8 weeks with other swim spa’s on the market.

3. Save both time and money when it comes to spa maintenance!


A swim spa will produce increased humidity and to avoid condensation, it is essential to have proper ventilation. This can also depend on the season. In the winter, a furnace can assist in drying the humid air and in warmer months, a central air system will dehumidify the air. Although these are both helpful, either option will not be able to handle the condensation concern. For this reason, it is recommended to install an exhaust fan which will vent the air outside the room, removing the condensation. Mechanical ventilation systems are also recommended as they will continuously vent fresh air into the room while exhausting the air indoors.


The combination of high heat and evaporating water produced by a swim spa increases the humidity to the air indoors. Condensation is created when the moist air mixes with cooler air in the room. If condensation is allowed to build up on windows, heating ducts, walls, outlets and fixtures, it will facilitate mould growth and can cause other damage such as rotting.

Slippery surfaces

Your floors can become a safety hazard if water splashes on to them from the swim spa. When planning your installation, make sure to surround your swim spa with non-slip flooring materials, such as rubber mats, to prevent slips and falls. Water that is left sitting on the floor can eventually cause structural damage so ensure that you have proper drainage and moisture resistant flooring around the base of the swim spa.


If you have decided to install your swim spa indoors, it is important to hire a professional contractor or architect, maybe even one that has experience in installing swim spas. (Contact our team for contractor/architect referrals with experience installing our swim spa indoors). This will ensure that the best location is identified for where to place your swim spa, that you have the proper ventilation and they may recommend other materials such as moisture resistant insulation to protect your home.  

Installing a swim spa in your home is a wonderful investment for you and your family! From improved health and wellness to spending quality time together, not to mention the amazing therapeutic massage and relaxation swim spa hydrotherapy seats provide. It will be enjoyed for many years to come. By taking the time to make sure that you have the proper factors for installation, you can rest assured that your home will be protected as you enjoy your new
swim spa. 

All of the above also applies for installing a hot tub indoors. 

To learn more about the different swim spa models and features that we have available, contact our team at Hydropool Dorset today. 

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